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About Us

The Mutiple Myeloma Education Fund is an organization designed to bring hope to Families and Individuals that are in need of educational awareness of the hidden shadows of Multiple Myeloma and other cancerous threats in our communities. We also endeavor to always be an organization that work and communicates with other organizations to change the environment of our communities. We believe in the art of reaching across the table!

To provide hope and educational awareness to individuals and families affected by Multiple Myeloma and other cancerous diseases; while endeavoring to provide the most innovative resources through sustaining partnerships within the global medical community.

Exposing the hidden disease of Multiple Myeloma through education, training and research funding for effective treatments in Charlotte, NC and surrounding counties.

Contact Us

Mutiple Myeloma Education Fund 
Address: 8539 Monroe Rd. Suite 216 Charlotte, NC 28212

Phone: (980)-318-7456
Fax: (980)-938-0362